Macià Batle Maceracion Carbonica Blanco

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Macia Batle carbónica Blanc, Vino Blanco 2014

Wineries Macia Batle

DO Binissalem

Macia Batle, carbonic maceration White, 0.75 liter bottle
Year: 2014
Grapes: 100% Prensal-Blanc

Alcohol content: 13% vol.

Nose: Intense aromas of white fruits (banana, apple and pear), with a hint of orange blossom

Color: Bright golden yellow. Clean and clear

Taste: Very smooth and fresh. Good balance of acidity that emphasizes the freshness of the wine. Extremely fruity (white fruit) on the palate and finish.

Carbonic maceration: - without stripping, without grinding - For elavoración in carbonic maceration may require the most intact grapes as a whole cluster incorporated in the fermentation vessel. This requires the manual collection and smooth transportation and smooth repositioning. The process was described by Louis Pasteur as intracellular fermentation.

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