Gallinas y focas 2018 Bodega 4 Kilos

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Origin of the name of the wine
Gallinas & Focas is the result of a brainstorming ( brainstrorming ) on for members to give amadip.esment name to the wine. When asked why they had chosen that name

his answer was clear: the chickens are Funny and seals applaud . at the same time is asked to perform drawings chickens and subsequently seals would serve to illustrate the wine label .

Name of the wine harvest and
Gallinas & Focas 2018
Type of grape
80 % black Manto
20 % Syrah
14% vol .
Zone designation of origin or
Wine: Mallorca
Aging Time
15 months
Types barrel
Allier French oak barrels .
Tan medium and medium plus 500 gallons.
Manual selection of the grapes. The 80%
made in stainless steel and
20 % in 225 and 500 l .
Maturation medium led cycle
by a rainless summer I get to October.
It produced a good phenolic maturation in the Black Shroud.
Drawings amadip.esment members .
Total no bottles
20,000 ( 0.75 l.)
300 ( Magnum 1,5 l.)


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