Monjoia 2014 Mortitx

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Monjoia 2014 Syrah

Appellation of origin:
Vi de la Terra de Mallorca
Monjoia 2014 surrounded by the stones of its own vineyard, two types: one volcanic with a lot of copper and iron and others with red stones (Kudenstain in German) that curiously are only found in the Mortix valley and in Banyabufar, it is 250 years old million years old and belong to an old lake existing in the place- Llorenç related very well. silicone gorgollete and natural cork stopper, its shelf life is 6-8 years.
Treated wooden box, Burgundy bottle with anti-drip neck easy to serve, the design of its label as well as its name is Marga Micer, the name of Monjoia comes from a lot of stones that the ancient pilgrims made when they arrived in a place to show your joy.
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