Margalida Blanc 2019 Galmes i Ribot

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Mallorcan Local Wine

Chardonnay and Prensal blanc

Wine made from the youngest vines on the estate, which are organically grown.

Harvesting is carried out by hand. Then the grapes rest for 24 hours in the cold store, where we lower the temperature to 5ºC. Afterwards, the grapes come into the winery on the selection belt, so we can ensure that they all arrive in perfect condition. We then carry out maceration with the skins in a pneumatic press, where must and grapes are in contact for 4 hours. We take advantage to press only the first fraction of the must, which we divert into a stabilisation tank, where it is naturally cleaned. Once we have the must clean, we allow it to ferment for 20 days in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of not more than 16ºC. When fermentation is over, we allow the wine to rest. After gentle clarification and filtering, we can bottle it.

Straw yellow colour with greenish highlights due to its youth.

Medium aromatic intensity, with sensations of fresh, white fruits, like pear, pineapple and mango.
In the mouth it is pleasant, with medium-intensity fresh, fruity flavours.

Serving temperature:
At around 8ºC.

Ideal for aperitifs and light dishes

Recommended to be drunk during the first two years from the bottling date.

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