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Total Keynote is the object for automating your annotations. By creating a text file with all your keynotes, you can easily select the right keynote within ArchiCAD. With elaborate options the 2D representation and content can be controlled, even by Model View Options. Included in this package is a listing feature. (see video, trialversion available)

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With the Mesh Generator you can easily create meshes of any kind, blobs, soft objects, free forms. With the Mesh Generator you just draw the sections, preview it in 3D and convert it into a ArchiCAD mesh (see video).

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With this tool you make a Floor Plan Cut Plane-sensitive and story-sensitive display of any object. The selected object will be cut at the Cut Plane Height you have set. A dynamic projected view will be shown or projected with Overhead. Very useful for custom-made stairs, trusses, or pretty much anything of which the floorplan display should be dependent on the View, Cut plane and Stories.

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Clean template is a standard ArchiCAD 18 and 19 template, but without any attributes, libraries, views, layouts, project preferences and so on. It is perfect to start building your own template from scratch. Additionally you can also use it to open ArchiCAD fast for merging DWG or IFC.

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The Building Cost Calculator is a flexible tool with which you can calculate anything! From early design estimates to detailed cost estimates. Using ArchiCADs flexible Interactive Schedules, any data from the model can be extracted and connected to prices to calculate your model easy and fast. (demo available)

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