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Artemide is the famous italian manufacturar of lighting products. This lamp is based on the Tolomeo Suspesione. The lamp is a true ArchiCAD lamp, with full control of light, editable hotspots and materials.

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Two concrete benches based on the design 'Boomerang' and 'Puff' by Escofet (Spain).

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Eames La Chaise made of fiberglass seat, stainless steel leg, solid wooden base. The lounge chair designed by Charles and Ray Eames.

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Free Oil Drum Barbecue can be opened or closed, coal. Settings according to ArchiCAD standards.

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A hanging lamp by Philips with specific dimensions. For use with the Lamp-tool with full lampsettings.

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Beautiful fireplace based on the Gyrofocus design by Focus,

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A parametric wire fence with many representations. Give your building a realistic look by adding fences. Full control over the options, connection and representation. Optimization for Floor Plan, Elevations and 3D.

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With this Marker you can easy identify where pictures on site are taken. Place the Marker on your floorplan and link to the worksheet the photo is placed on (see video).

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With the Mesh Generator you can easily create meshes of any kind, blobs, soft objects, free forms. With the Mesh Generator you just draw the sections, preview it in 3D and convert it into a ArchiCAD mesh (see video).

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With this tool you make a Floor Plan Cut Plane-sensitive and story-sensitive display of any object. The selected object will be cut at the Cut Plane Height you have set. A dynamic projected view will be shown or projected with Overhead. Very useful for custom-made stairs, trusses, or pretty much anything of which the floorplan display should be dependent on the View, Cut plane and Stories.

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5 designer chairs with all ArchiCAD functionalities
-Ray and Charles Eames: 
 La Chaise and Rocking Chair
-Arne Jocobsen: Swan
-Alexander: Nero
-Olav Eldøy: Peel

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A fully parametric ArchiCAD light for suspended or recessed downlights. Draw about any combination of lights 1x1,2x1,3x1,2x2 up to 40 lights! Easily direct the light towards your target, from floorplan or 3D. Choose mounting supended or recessed for supended ceiling (see video).
Also included a low voltage wire system for spotlights!

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