Use all your gadgets wirelessly

Automation, and especially home automation, could make your life so much simpler.
Just think: your heating turned up remotely, sun blinds or curtains opened or shut without moving from your comfortable chair, lights switched on or off from your computer or your smartphone, or an alarm installation that tells you exactly which windows or doors have been left open. There are numerous possibilities for wireless management of your equipment.
However standard installations do often have limitations, but with your own RFXCOM installation your home automation system, or domotics, can be set up just the way you want it.
And all of it is compatible for complete integration together, be it for security, lighting, central heating, entertainment or automation.



In the world of domotics you can order your equipment from a wide range of suppliers.
However there are very few companies that specialize in the communication between the computer, remote operation, smartphone signaling and the relevant object to operate.
With RFXCOM you can be certain of a very reliable wireless communication.
Simply, the RFXCOM-interface placed between the operation and the object to be operated, translates the notification traffic so that the equipment of the different providers understand each other and wait for enough space in the ether to provide good wireless communication without any problems.