DHANTARA TAILA Herbal Oil 100ml

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Composition: Aegle marmelos, Premna mucronata, Tribulus terrestris, Dolichos biflorus seeds, Cedrus deodora.

Operation: Purifying, regulatory, light stimulant, stomach and intestine reaffirming, removes blockages in the lymphatic system, balances Vata

Indications: Vasti = Enema

Circulation disorders: head and body massage or body massage with Karpo

Intestinal gas: body massage supplement: Vasti

Intestinal slowness, clogging: body massage supplement: Vasti

Dizziness: body massage, massage Dhantara or Ksiera head with Janu

Rectum symptoms: Body massage, Colon massage, Supplement: Vasti

Lymph drainage: Massage head and body

Stomach cramps: stomach pain: body massage or local supplement: Oral and Vasti

Gastritis: body massage or locally. Addition: Oral and Vasti

Stomach acid: body massage or local Supplement: Oral and Vasti

Gastric ulcer: body massage or local Supplement: Oral and Vasti

Nervous bowel disorders: body massage Supplement: Vasti

Vomiting: oral, Supplement: Vasti

Slow blood circulation (particularly in the elderly): Body massage Dhantara or Pindali

Weakness of heart and circulation: body massage with equal parts Dhantara and Karpo

Weakness of the nervous system and blood circulation: Body massage with Dhantara and head massage with Karpastan

Dosage and use:

The bottle up to 40 degree C in a water bath heating. Shake well!!! Dhantara taila can be made locally or all over the body, including head.

As Nasya (grace. dosage): 3 to 4 drops in each nostril, and good. morning and evening in lying position. (max dosage: 6 drops per nostril at a time)

Children: half dosage

Oral use: 2 x daily 1 teaspoon

Children: 1 time per day

Note: Body massage, head massage, Vasti, Nasya, oral. Nejat Dhantara is very suitable to use in lymphatic drainage.

Contraindications: none known

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