Engine service package - High

Product no.: DM_Top_Engine_Servicing
80.00 / ticket(s)
Prices incl. VAT, delivery

Available delivery method: Colissimo 2

This level 2 package contains further maintenance of your engine with the change of the segment, all seals and bearings.

For this, you send us your engine alone, without accessories (air box, exhaust, etc ...)

We clean it and perform the chosen maintenance.

This package includes the change of:

  • Piston ring
  • Cylinder gasket
  • Carburetor gasket
  • Carburetor insulator gasket

With also

  • Half crankcase gasket
  • Bearings
  • The oil seals
  • The needle bearing
  • Piston washers
  • The piston pin
  • Piston clips
  • The spark plug (CMR7H)

All parts are genuine Zenoah parts. All changed parts will be returned. The amount of this package includes the reshipment of the engine.

We recommend doing this maintenance every 20 to 30 liters of travel to maintain optimal performance.

Please contact us, wishing to realize this package for a personalized quote.

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