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Product no.: GWH02
Old price 30.90 €
Since 30.90 / unit(s) *
Product no.: GWH22-R1

This tyre is for RAIN USE

  • LOW GRIP situation for wet and umid track
  • LOW GRIP situation for very low temperatures
36.75 / pair(s) *

can be shipped within 7 à 14 days

Product no.: GWH66
Since 43.50 / pair(s) *
Product no.: GWH55
Since 33.35 / pair(s) *

This pair of Tyres have the following technical features:

  • REVO carved profile for the maximum traction and the maximum lateral grip
  • Carved profile studied to maintain the tyre surface alway clean from rubber murble

This pair of Tyres as suitable for following cars:

  • All cars 1:5 TC, for Front and Rear
34.90 / pair(s) *
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