Amsterdam Hoops

Amsterdam Hoops

Amsterdam Hoops has been making travel hoops for the Dutch and German market for the last three years with our own designs and own plastic production. We have supported Flow-Arts forever and love to help out with this stuff. Hope to meet at a festival someday soon where we have a (generally free) hoop repair clinic.

Spare parts for hoops will be available plus some close-ups on designs and basic trouble-shooting.

Check us out when this part of the site goes live. Top quality, great prices, sustainable approach.


Travel hoops, around 600g and suited to a work out on 1m2. For the core, stomach area and fitness. 


Travel hoops are suited to most body moves. Choose your own diameter, decoration and styling. Around 350g for the 20mm (3/4") hdpe tubing and 220g for the 16mm (5/8") tubing. 16mm is advised for advanced hoopers and children. Standard range, custom sizes on demand from our Amsterdam atelier.


Clear travel hoops in 20mm and 16mm tubing. Fast, responsive hoops for when you know what you want. Custom sizing.