Spiral Staircase Type "Capri Plus"

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  • The "Capri Plus" staircase has a top specification and an excellent build quality plus it costs a lot less than other models with a similar specification
  • Includes luxury wooden handrail set
  • Standard staircase is suitable for floor to floor heights from 2310mm to 2720mm
  • Additional treads are available to increase total floor to floor height
  • Available in three diameters : 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm 
  • The treads (40mm) and landing platform are made from a type of hardwood called beech just like most other kit stairs - However, the "Capri Plus" uses a grade of wood known as 1st choice
  • This means that only the best pieces of wood are used to so that there are very few knots or imperfections in them
  • The 40mm treads and landing platform are protected with at least two coats of a tough polyurethane varnish for a great looking finish that will last a long time
  • Wood finish : bleached white, natural beech, walnut, stone or wengé
  • It is lots of small touches like these which really set the "Capri Plus" spiral staircase kit apart from most other kit spiral stairs
  • Metal finish : white, grey or black
  • Stairwell opening needs to be at least 50mm larger than the diameter of the staircase
  • Can be installed clockwise or anticlockwise
  • We recommend customers consult their building control office prior to installing any staircase to check that it fully meets their requirements
  • A complete easy to follow installation guide is provided
  • Please call or email for design and/or configuration assistance

Additional product information

Total Height 2520-2720mm (12 treads incl. landing platform)
Diameter 1200mm
Wood Finish Walnut
Metal Finish Grey


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Baluster-Baluster Connector Baluster-Baluster Connector
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Baluster-Wall Connector Baluster-Wall Connector
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Baluster-Floor Connector Baluster-Floor Connector
from 68.00 € *
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Balustrade Kit 1000mm Straight Balustrade Kit 1000mm Straight
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Curved Handrail 7000mm Curved Handrail 7000mm
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Curved Handrail + Balustrade Kit 1000mm Curved Handrail + Balustrade Kit 1000mm
from 105.00 € *
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Straight Handrail Kit 2000mm Straight Handrail Kit 2000mm
60.00 € *
Delivery weight: 1 kg
Synthetic Handrail Cap Synthetic Handrail Cap
from 45.00 € *
Delivery weight: 0.1 kg
Synthetic Handrail Connector Synthetic Handrail Connector
66.00 € *
Delivery weight: 1 kg
Balustrade + Wooden Handrail Kit 1000mm Balustrade + Wooden Handrail Kit 1000mm
140.00 € *
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Wooden Handrail Connector Wooden Handrail Connector
60.00 € *
Delivery weight: 0.3 kg
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