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Klantwaarderingen voor 3 Patronen voor 10 euro

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Very good!
van op 22-04-2020
The order came in quickly and the instructions are clear. I am very pleased with the end product. They are beautiful, and I can't wait to give them away as gifts to family and friends.
Very Good!
van op 20-11-2019
Very easy to follow directions. Very user friendly except that I don't have Excel. I don't recall if there was any mention that you had to have Excel to use the products.I had to send it to myself at work open it there & print what I needed. The patterns work great though.
van op 02-02-2019
Just got into doing this and at first I thought it would be hard to do but I am finding it very fascinating and the directions are easy to understand! I am going to love doing book folding.
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