Klantwaarderingen voor Boekvouwen patronen Eigen naam of woord

Boekvouwen patronen Eigen naam of woord

Patroon op maat ontworpen om een willekeurig woord of naam in een boek te vouwen

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Aantal waarderingen: 58
Gemiddelde waardering: 4,9
van Gerard op 02-05-2020
Quick delivery, good description.
It is sad that the promised present is not deliverd and the video is not working.
Further no problems.
van Anoniem op 28-04-2020
Quick delivery after purchase. Easy to follow directions. This is my second purchase and I am very pleased with the completed project.
van Anoniem op 11-04-2020
van tonya lambert op 30-03-2020
van Kristi Cooper op 05-03-2020
I ordered a custom pattern with the name Gillian for a gift I was making. It turned out beautifully and was easy to follow. I wish that the custom patterns would come like the other ones where you enter in the starting page and it kicks out a spreadsheet of which marks go on each page. For a custom pattern it just lists fold numbers, and I have had to write in the actual page numbers. I like to have this because once the book is done, if there are any pages that look off, I can go back and check my measuring.
it ok
van Edgar Polk op 02-12-2019
very good ,the service was,and is very ,very good.
van Diane op 16-11-2019
The patterns are easy to follow, the 2 books I've done have turned out perfectly. Receiving the pattern via email was awesome. I would highly recommend them.
van Jenny op 06-11-2019
They are the best. Wouldn’t order from anyone else. They turn out perfectly
van Jeannette op 15-09-2019
Patterns are so easy to work with. The finished book is alway beautiful. Everyone who sees it wants me to make one for them.
They are the best! Can’t wait to try the new portrait pattern.
van Diana op 12-08-2019
I purchased 2 custom name patterns to make as a gift for my granddaughters. They were easy to follow and folded perfectly. I know the girls will love them! Another successful project from Folded Book Art. :)
Very good
van Pamela op 17-06-2019
This was my first project and I ordered a special name pattern. The information and guidance was excellent. My only complaint was that no picture of the finished product was sent so I could see the entire project I was working toward. Otherwise, I was very pleased with the results and would use this company again in the future.
van Natalie Di Nardo op 17-12-2018
I LOVE Folded Book Art. I have used them several times and every time I am very, very satisfied. The fold is perfect and all my questions are answered. LOVE LOVE.
van Carrie Todd op 06-12-2018
This was my first try and I am really happy with the results. It was a little confusing at first to find a book with correct amount of pages to use the pattern, but once I got going, it was easy
van Linda W op 13-11-2018
Ordered for two holiday seasons now, and I could not ask for better service. Great communication and quick responses with my orders. Great working with you.
it ok
van ed op 07-11-2018
great product
van Annemiek op 29-09-2018
Een leuk klein project om even tussendoor te doen. Komt goed overeen met het patroon wat ik gevraagd had.
van Candy Kendrick op 10-09-2018
I have purchased several custom patterns and they are all wonderful. I receive them very quickly and they come with tutorials and calculators and very easy to follow charts. Every pattern has been perfect. I would not buy from anyone else!
duidelijke uitleg,
van Anoniem op 17-04-2018
heb reeds meerdere malen met dit product gewerkt . altijd tevreden , mooi resultaat . Bij mijn laatste bestelling is er echt wel iets verkeerd met afmetingen voor een bepaalde letter, spijtig wordt ik er niet mee geholpen .
van Anoniem op 10-04-2018
I ordered a custom word as well as an already prepared pattern. This was my first time trying this activity. It was so much fun watching the patterns evolve to absolute perfection. Thank you so much. I am now a loyal customer.
van Bonnie Sutherland op 08-02-2018
This pattern was so easy to use and the results amazed us. A great service to offer. Thank you!!
van Anoniem op 05-02-2018
I bought a pattern from this company 3 times now. The patterns are always accurate, easy to follow and beautiful!
They make gorgeous gifts. Never a disappointment! Buy from this company.You will very happy !
Excellent pattern
van Anoniem op 05-02-2018
I am new to bookfolding, but this pattern worked perfectly for me and looks great.
van Anoniem op 05-02-2018
I bought a pattern from this company 3 times now. The patterns are always accurate, easy to follow and beautiful!
They make gorgeous gifts. Never a disappointment! Buy from this company.You will very happy !
I used these for gift during the holiday season
van Anoniem op 12-01-2018
The folding takes time but they are worth the effort, because everyone loved them!
van Samantha Nijhuis op 28-12-2017
Patroon is duidelijk met goede handleiding, Superleuk om cadeau te geven. Ik heb hele leuke reacties ontvangen!
Zeer tevreden.
van Hetty op 24-12-2017
Goed product geleverd met duidelijke uitleg. Fantastisch resultaat. Website een aanrader.
van Anoniem op 14-12-2017
van Mariëlle op 03-12-2017
Duidelijke site, prima communicatie, snelle levering en een mooi patroon met duidelijke beschrijving.
van Anoniem op 21-11-2017
So easy and makes a great gift. So far for this Christmas season, I have made 7 - 2 more and I'm done. Thank you.
was perfect.
van Anoniem op 13-11-2017
van Anoniem op 06-11-2017
I ordered several patterns and have finished 2. The two I've finished were very easy to do. The hardest part was finding the perfect book for the recipient, but finally did. You can definitely see the pattern when finished, but was wondering if there is something that you can put on it to accentuate the word (color), I wouldn't want it to bleed onto the rest of the page.
van Anoniem op 22-09-2017
As usual top class product. Always love your designs and so easy to use.
Reliable quality
van Anoniem op 23-08-2017
They are my "go to" place when I need something special and fast. I have been using them for 2 years. They are reliable, quick and worth every penny.
van Anoniem op 14-08-2017
fantastic, looked great and was what I expected. All the patterns from this company are great.
van Anoniem op 08-08-2017
Pattern design worked great. I have a finished the folded book. Lets perfect.
van Anoniem op 14-07-2017
Duidelijke uitleg en snel geleverd.
van Anoniem op 13-07-2017
Goed beschreven patroon. Makkelijk om te doen, en fantastisch resultaat.
Heel erg leuk cadeau
van Anoniem op 04-07-2017
Snel geleverd en erg attent geholpen voordat ik het aanschafte.Ook de gebruiksaanwijzing was helder en makkelijk te doen.
Zeer goed
van Anoniem op 30-06-2017
Erg duidelijk en makkelijk te volgen.
Snelle levering ben erg tevreden .
Worth every penny
van Anoniem op 21-06-2017
For me trust is something that is earned, that a why I keep coming back. I have not been disappointed in the quality.
van Anoniem op 30-05-2017
They are 100 % reliable for great quality you can depend on. I have never been disappointed with the quality of the patterns I get.
van Anoniem op 28-04-2017
everything I have made with the letters has turned out good
van Anoniem op 18-04-2017
Precies wat we in gedachten hadden
Very Nice
van Anoniem op 15-03-2017
Wish it was taller like the words used to be when I first started to fold the books.
van Anoniem op 06-03-2017
This product came out exactly as I thought it would. For the first time ever doing this, it took me time but I was happy with the finished product.
This product came out exactly as I thought it would. For the first time ever doing this, it took me time but I was happy with the finished product.
van Anoniem op 06-03-2017
van Anoniem op 12-02-2017
So far, it has been very easy to use. I have only marked the pages but haven't started folding, yet. Compared to using a spreadsheet pattern, this is much more user-friendly! I can't wait to start folding and looking for more projects. It is definitely worth the money!
van Anoniem op 19-01-2017
I made a major mistake when ordering a custom order, foldedbookart.com was beyond helpful and repaired my mistake promptly!! Excellent customer service and I am grateful!!! I will definitely be ordering custom orders again!!
van Anoniem op 24-12-2016
Makkelijk te volgen ,patroon en instructies.
En de levering van de bestelde artikelen zijn super snel! Fantastisch!
van Anoniem op 23-12-2016
patterns and instructions were easy to follow,and the results are really awesome,thank you.
Very nice
van Anoniem op 20-12-2016
I like it
Super Quality!!
van Anoniem op 22-11-2016
I have ordered a number of products from Folded Book Art and love everything that I have received. Super responsive for delivery and answers to my questions.
van Anoniem op 19-11-2016
Prima geregeld allemaal.
van Anoniem op 17-11-2016
Patterns all been easy to follow and complete my projects. Also I am very pleased with you quick delivery of the patterns.
Easy to follow
van Anoniem op 09-09-2016
Easy to follow..... once I turned the book in the right direction! Made a perfect present for the baby who had everything. Thank you. I'll be back!
van Anoniem op 01-09-2016
The instructions and pictures are so clear and easy to understand! Fast delivery for patterns. I am so glad I stumbled on this site because now I am hooked on doing this craft!
Heel goed
van Anoniem op 23-08-2016
ER mooi om te maken alleen de laatste had ik BRIGE en kwam met kleine letters had graag hoofdletters gehad
van Anoniem op 09-08-2016
Thanks so much!