Bookfolding patterns Interlaced Hearts

Bookfolding patterns Interlaced Hearts


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Customer ratings for Bookfolding patterns Interlaced Hearts

Number of ratings: 3
Average rating: 4.7
from on 1/5/2018
dit patroon in een bijzonder boek gevouwen geeft een extra betekenis
Very nice
from on 12/27/2016
This is the second folded book art project I have done, the first was a single heart. I like the way it looks and it is not hard to do... just a little time consuming, as is most craft projects. I do like the ease of the patterns
from on 12/9/2016
This design was perfectly outlined and easy to complete. The results were amazing and it will make a perfect holiday gift.


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Use a special folding tool to get a better result!
Custom Printed Ribbon - Red Custom Printed Ribbon - Red
Complete your book with this custom printed ribbon! $7.99
Create your own folded book art DIY Starters Kit Create your own folded book art DIY Starters Kit
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