About me


My name is Gerben Vissers and I've been a collector of vintage (or classic or retro) computers and gameconsoles for over 10 years now. Still I feel the thrill when I open up a box to look at the great content, wether it's for me personal or it's another great item to sell to my customers. I've been selling on eBay under the name of ' Recompute33 ' since 2004, so I can say I have plenty experience in locating, buying, testing, selling and shipping retro-computers.

Just like you I'm concerned with every detail, and I hope that you will see that when you buy from me. I try to give my customers the best experience, and make an extra effort to keep everyone happy.

If you have any questions, or just want to drop me a line, just let me know!

Happy Retro Times,

Cheers, Gerben