PATR1029 - Poncho trapezoid / square

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You can wear this poncho straight as well as in a point.

The poncho is crocheted with approx. 550 grams Royal and Bianca, with hook number 6.

It is approx. 70 cm (height) * 139 cm (width).

The basic pattern is written out for size 42/44
In the pattern you’ll find directions for a larger/smaller size.

Amount of yarn that I used: approx. 269 grams of Royal (grey) and approx. 281 grams Bianca (grey/pink/white)

•If you want to use other yarn: Royal is suitable for needle 4-5 and 1 ball = 241meter/100 grams. Bianca is suitable for hook 3,5-4 and 1 ball = 260 meter/100 grams.

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