Potato Cream with Honey , pack 18 tubs of 23g Special Delicatessen

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Potato Cream with Honey

Iberian Potato Cream with Iberitos Honey. Aluminum monodose 23 g. in tray of 18 units.

Gross weight 0.476kg
Meat Flavors
Potato Flavor with Honey
Contains Gluten No
Contains Lactose Yes
Allergen free Yes
Single-dose aluminum container
Format 22-23 g
22-23 g aluminum single-dose container + format
Group Format Tray 18 x 22-23g

Water, milk, Iberian pork fat 15%, sunflower oil, potato, honey 4%, starch, brown sugar, sweet and sour paprika (pepper, sunflower oil), apple cider vinegar, garlic, salt, paprika extract, soybeans (soybeans, alcohol, malt seeds), smoke flavouring, mixed spices

Nutritional values
Energy value: 1338kJ/320kcal
Fat: 27.5g
Of which saturated: 5.60g
Carbohydrates: 19.8g
Of which sugars: 6.49g
Proteins: <3g
Salt: 1.74g

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