Carbon Fiber Repairs

Carbon Fiber Repairs

Carbon Fiber Repairs

Quality Carbon Fiber and bonding Systems

Since 2001 we have been making the highest quality repairs and parts.

We  use only the highest quality Prepreg carbon fiber materials and Structural  bonding adhesives
specially designed for carbon fiber repairs. We don’t use wet  layup method for our repairs and do not apply any fillers, putty, etc. to our  repairs.
We also match as closely as possible the weave and modulus of carbon fiber originally used in production.

We vacuum bag all repairs to ensure all excess resin is extracted from the carbon fiber to minimize weight and maximize repair strength.

Frame Inspection 
We inspect the cracked carbon frame thoroughly not only where the damage is, but  also extending away from the damaged areas. Sometimes a carbon tube can appear  sound on the outside, but an impact with a blunt face can sever the fibers  inside the tube.

Carbon repairs

We can repair any damage to all carbon fiber part and frames starting from 75 Euros.

Our technique and methods of repair are of the highest quality and we have more than 15 years’ experience working with composites.

All our carbon fiber repairs are 100% guaranteed.


All Carbon fiber repairs are priced individually depending on damage and area, email us with a few good pictures or come by our shop with damaged part for Pricing.


We can retouch up the area and paint to the original frame colour as close as possible.


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Carbon repairs

from 145.00 € *

Fork steerer lengthening

80.00 € *
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