Poste de luz solar VELALUZ

El envío se realiza en 4/5 días laborables

Peso de entrega: 97 kg

·  Power LED with high luminous efficiency
·  Colour Temperature 4500K
·  Colour rendering index CRI=70
·  Cycle asymmetrical optics cycle
·  Azimuthally adjustable LED luminaire
·  LED driver at constant current
·  MPPT Algorithm solar charge
·  Monocrystalline silicon flexible PV modules
·  Storage system - LiFePO4
·  Self-management algorithm combined with IR sensor of presence/movement for luminous flux reduction
·  Electrical insulation class III
·  Top-of-pole carter and compartment at the bottom of the pole examinable for maintenance work
·  Wooden seat
·  Overload, over temperature, low-battery protections
·  Wireless control: optional
·  Warranty: 5 year

VELA is an off-grid lamp post for urban furniture completely disconnected fromthe grid.
LED luminous source with high efficiency ( 133lm/W @ If=350mA & Tj=25°C) with colour temperature 4500K and minimum CRI =70 that is power supplied at constant current. Light emission optimized for pedestrian/cycle paths and green areas. Cycle asymmetrical optics.
Monocrystalline silicon flexible photovoltaic modules.
Lithium iron phosphate storage system (LiFePO4) at 12V with integrated BMS.
MPPT charging algorithm of the storage system from solar source.
Algorithm of self-management that optimizes the management of the luminous flux of hours at full flux and hours at reduced flux.
Luminous flux reduction combined with an IR proximity sensor.
Guaranteed lamp activation for 10-12 hours per night and for 3-4 consecutive days in case of “no sun condition”.
Possibility of monitoring the individual lamp post through Bluetooth or GSM technology.
It is entirely made with electrical insulation class III (SELV - below the threshold of extra low voltage).
Wooden seat placed above the metal base (compartment containing batteries and electronics).
Accurate research in materials and components, in production technologies and design. Highly architectural and urban integration, complete harmony with the environment and with the man from the functional point of view and from energy point of view.

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