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PHANTOM solar street lights is ideal for the lighting of cycles tracks, public parks, gardens, tourist villages and camping sites.
PHANTOM solar street lights has got a LED luminaire with elegant design; It is equiped with a proximity IR sensor that increases the luminous flux for some minutes in presence of pedestrians so to guarantee at least 10 hours of lamp activation per night.
Thanks to the presence of batteries and electronics on the base of the pole, the system presents an immediate cost advantage and ease of installation.

General Features :

  • Crystalline PV modules
  • Cylindrical ole HTOT 13 feet (4 meters) hight
  • Litio battery
  • MPPT charge controller
  • LED luminaire with high efficiency
  • Elegant design
  • IR proximity sensor
  • Electronics "Made in Europe" with 5 years guarantee

Components technical descriptions :

  • PV modules power peak power : 95Wp
  • Luminaire : 18 -24W
  • Colour temperature : 4500K (outdoor white) - CRI 70
  • Minimum luminous flux of led source : 133 lm @ if=350mA, TJ=25C)
  • Battery capacity : 12V - 40Ah
  • Wireless control : Bluetooth or Gsm (Option)
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