Hamster Cage Lenzkirch


Hamster Cage Lenzkirch

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The Hamster Cage Lenzkirch Wagner is a pretty high for hamsters and other rodents!

The accessories of high quality plastic always provides varied enjoyment, exercise and rest of the small rodents

This hamster cage so get delivered as as shown in the photo

The small cottage is only suitable for small pets to sleep and rest.
Through a door in front and above the roof you can in your pet

This cage will convince you and your pet will of the design of this beautiful cage, the high quality of workmanship and the absolute freedom that this cage!

   47 x 30 x 70cm
The car is supplied with:
2x round castors
1x sleeping cabin
3x wooden platforms to sit
3x plastic footbridges
including bottled water and food bowl
Note not suitable for rats or other large rodents

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