San Diego II Parakeet cage antique color

San Diego II Parakeet cage antique color

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Montana Mini San Diego Parrot Cage - Antique
The Mini San Diego from Montana's 'Small Bird Line' is a sturdy designer cage with an elegant, domed roof which will make a cosy home for any small, feathered friend!
Your parrot will not feel enclosed in this spacious environment. The Mini San Diego provides plenty of space for your parrot to stretch it's wings, play and exercise. The 66 x 45 x 155 cm dimensions of the cage mean that there is more than enough room for you to attach multiple perches and as many toys as your parrot may want. Vertical and horizontal bars make it easy for your parrot to climb up, down and across and makes it simple to add attachments.
The Mini San Diego comes complete with 3 stainless steel feeding cups which are long lasting, easy to clean and simple to change with the swing-out feeding system. Montana cages really are cleverly designed!
A removable, sliding excrement grate, a strong seed drawer and a catch basin make the upkeep of your parrot simple! No longer will you need to open the cage and let your parrot loose to clean it. Montana have added a specialist bird-safe lock stopping your mischievous pet from letting itself loose when left alone. Castors, attached to the strong stand of the Mini San Diego, make moving this large cage easy.
The Mini San Diego is coated with patented Avilon powder; this special coating is lead and zinc free, making it good for both you and your parrot! This premium quality birdcage is the perfect environment in which to house your beloved pet. This stylish designer cage would look great in any home - you can even choose between two stylish colours to match your decor; antique and stone!
Suitable for:
Large Parakeets
African Grey
Any Small and Medium


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