Cava Goig Rosado Ramanya

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Product Type: Sparkling Pink
Denomination of Origin: Binissalem Mallorca
Varieties: Mantonegro
Graduation: 12.5% ​​Vol.
Serving temperature: 4-6 ° C.
Geographical location: Sa Vinya vella, Santa Maria del Camí.
Harvest: Manual, the last week of August
Elaboration: Cryomaceration, soft pressing and low temperature fermentation to obtain the base wine. Second bottle fermentation according to the traditional system and with a minimum aging of 24 months.
Visual analysis: Bright rosé, medium intensity, cherry color with violet tones. It has a good crown and a good pearl that its fine bubbles give it.
Olfactory analysis: On the nose it is fresh, fruity, it reminds us of the aromas of the Mantonegro, where you can appreciate the diversity of red pulp fruits and a point of red licorice reminiscent of sweets.
Taste analysis: In the mouth it is fresh and sweet. It has a good sweet-carbonic-tannin balance.
Pairing: Ideal to take at any time as an aperitif. It can accompany soft dishes such as rice and pasta, and is especially recommended with suckling pig. Perfect to accompany desserts, especially the ensaimada.
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