Pere Seda L´Arxiduc Blanco 2019

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Pere Seda L´Arxiduc Blanco 2019

Denomination of Origin: Pla i Llevant de Mallorca

Varieties: Chardonnay, Moscatell, Parellada and Giró ros

Serving temperature: 7 - 9 ºC Graduation: 12.5% vol.

Presentation: Box of 6 Bordeaux bottles 75 cl.

Tasting note: Straw yellow color with greenish reflections. Clean and bright, almost crystalline. High intensity olfactory phase; Clean aromas of citrus fruits, with floral notes of great cleanliness. Attack on the palate dry, light and refreshing, giving rise to a balanced and pleasant mid palate, slightly acidic, which gives the wine an elegant freshness. Clean retronasal that confirms the direct nasal route. Silky finish with a long, refreshing and fun aftertaste that is inviting.

Pairing: Grilled fish and seafood. Vegetable creams. Fried foods and snacks.

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