Pinot Noir Es Verger

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Pinot Noir 2016

Status field: Serra de Tramuntana (500 m. Closed)
Orientation: Southwest
Floors: "Call vermell"
Basement: burdensome
Area: 6 ha.
Strains Graft
Average age: 15 years
Average yield: 35 hl / ha
Production: 800 bottles. Presented in boxes of 6 units
Varieties: Pinot noir
Harvest: Manual, from August 15
Vinification: Temperature controlled, 25 to 28 degrees during fermentation and maceration for 20 days.
Fermentation: In stainless steel tanks
Breeding: During 9 months in French oak barrels. This wine has not been filtered or cold stabilized which can present tartaric precipitations
Alcohol content: 13 vol
Tasting: Red Color middle layer
Aromas of red fruit, toasted, with a slight vanilla point
The palate is well balanced wine with a smooth feel. By its unique characteristics, is in an optimal time parea immediate consumption
Accompanied by flavored soft foods and fish


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