Sotil Negre ECO Mesquida Mora

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The reason for the name :

The SOTIL is the surface separating two floors, it is also the space on which the tiles and the site on which a house is completed are placed. It is one of the elements necessary to start a new life project . SOTIL is also the sky, silhouette , sensitivity . It is a close way to refer to the cosmos that gives us life and wine.

Tag: the blue sky of our Mediterranean sea with a cloud that wants to cover the sun , because nothing in this life is one color . The central frame suggests the pursuit of perfection and the desire to excel . The perimeter of the circle evokes a return to natural cycles , such as the vineyard itself.

Harvest: 2018

Variety : Callet , Manto and pinot noir

Alcohol content: 13.5 %

Appellation: Vi de la Terra -Mallorca

Number of bottles: 4000 ( 0.75cl )

Winemaking: Manual selection of the bunch. Cold maceration and fermentation of different varieties separately in stainless steel tanks at a temperature not exceeding 28 degrees. The malolactic fermentation also takes place in stainless steel tanks .

Aging: French oak barrels freshman .

Viticulture : The vines management is based on dialogue with nature learning to read their gestures and their needs and doing all the tasks at hand following the most appropriate stellar motions . We use native plant cover and apply as much compost biodynamic preparations . We use herbal teas to boost the health of our plants.

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