Colonia U Toni Gelabert

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Deep garnet red with violet hues. Clear and bright.

Intense, clean and balanced on the nose as well as expressive, open and suggestive. Overtones of wine leaves and seasonal fruit (blackcurrant and cherry), with a hint of smokiness, clear carbide and mineral tones. Very personal and with a wide range of aromas. Hints of moorland (rosemary and lavender) which accentuate its Mediterranean personality.

Frank and direct attack on the palate, following through with delicate extraction and excellent body. The slight feeling of tannin makes it lively on a smooth velvety background, thanks to the quality of this polished tannin. Long, lingering aftertaste of extravagant and noble fullness.

Ageing in barrel 12 months in French oak casks
Serving temperature: 17-19ºC


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