4 Kilos 2011 Bodega 4 Kilos Magnum

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Origin of the name of the wine
4 Kilos (ie 4 million pesetas) was the initial investment of Francesc Grimalt and Sergio Caballero, the two partners of the newly created Mallorcan Wine cellar 4 Kilos SL. A modest investment in this sector , which shows that a good wine is not dependent on a great economic effort but an ambition for quality and a passion for the product. 4 kilos is unmistakable signature and a statement.
Name of the wine harvest and
4 kilos 2011
Type of grape: 85 % 10% Callet 5 % Cabernet Syrah
14% vol .
Zone designation of origin Wine: Mallorca
Crianza14 Time months
Types Barrels Barrel new Allier French oak ,

Manual selection of the grapes. 50% took place in stainless steel tanks and
50 % in 225 and 600 l .
Climatology of the year
Average maturity cycle enabled by a rainless summer I get to October. Grape with excellent health status . ?
Tag Photography and Video Sergio Caballero
Total No. 16,000 bottles (0.75 l ) 300 ( 1.5L Magnum )


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