12 Volts 2015 Bodega 4 Kilos Magnum

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Origin of the name of the wine
12 Volts functions as an energy store.
It is a wine that connects with the nervous system
and recharges the batteries .
This self- energy transformation is the
origin of name 12 Volts .
Name of the wine harvest and
12 Volts 2012
Type of grape
And 50 % Callet fogoneu
Syrah 30 %
10% Cabernet
Merlot 10%
13.5 % vol .
Zone designation of origin or
Wine: Mallorca
Aging Time
12 months
Types barrel
40% of 3,000 l Foudre
225L Barrel 30% of American 1st year
Barrel 30 % of Year 2 American 225L
Viticulture and rational minimal intervention.
Native vegetation cover to enhance
soil microbiology and autumn
water competition.
Manual selection of the grapes.
12 Volts macerated and fermented in tanks
stainless steel .
Fermentation temperature and
Initially at 20 ° C leaving it up to the stage
end of the process at a temperature not higher than
at 28 ° C.
Maceration took approximately
20 days.
special Review
Average temperatures slightly above
previous year. Dry summer , with 23 l/m2
September that did not alter maturation . a
Once the harvest fell 125 l/m2. in
general terms a year like 2011 .
Was carried out in stainless steel tanks .
Gary Baseman drawing
Total no bottles
44,000 (0.75 l.)
400 ( Magnum 1,5 l.)
To market
November 2013


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