Ca´n Xicatlà Can Verdura

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Cellar: Ca’n Verdura Viticultors
Winemaker: Bartomeu Llabrés
Wine and vintage: Ca’n Xicatlà 2016 Blanc de Mantonegro
Varieties: 100% Mantonegro Cabellis
Alc./Vol.: 13,0% Alch.
Appellation: Vi de la Terra de Mallorca
Viticulture: Parcel of 1,01 hectares located in Camí Vell de Muro, Binissalem. Wind buffets (“embat”), light sea breeze. “Call Vermell” soils, typical red clay due to its richness in non assimilable iron. This parcel has high quantity of gravel, thus for the water retention is affected increasing the influence of minerality. 60-year-old Mantonegro Cabellis in goblet vines. Cabellis was a variety of Mantonegro veryused in the mid-20th century, because of its high productivity and sugar concentration. Nowadays, however, it’s in disuse due to the irregular phenolic maturity, giving as a result, on the same plant; white, rose and red grapes, with annual variation. The noun Cabellis was firstly coined by the local vine growers to distinguish it from the regular Mantonegro, even though genetically and legally both are only referred as Mantonegro. Minimum intervention viticulture, leaving the cover crop during cold season, giving advantage to its biodiversity. Minimum treatments, sulphur for pathogenic control. Annual production no higher than 2000kg/hectare.
Winemaking: Manual harvested in boxes of 15kg or less, in two different dates five days apart. Directly pressed on vertical press, cold static racking must for four days, with daily shaking on the first harvest date and two days debourbage on second date. Followed by barrelling in 500L new French oak barrel where alcoholic fermentation takes place. Thanks to the thermic inertia of Wood, temperature remains constant until tumultuous phase, reaching 23ºC. Natural yeasts from the cellar or the grapes are used for fermentation. No sulphites added during this phase, even though wine is corrected at the end of the fermentation. Malolactic fermentation doesn’t occur. Bentonite used as natural clarifying.
Aging: Takes place in 500L French oak barrel for 10 months. Later on aging on lees in stainless steal tank for another 6 months
Production: 590 0,75L bottles.

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