Tianna Velorosé Rosat 2019

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Grape Varieties
100 % Manto Negro.

Fully automatic, from the third week of August 2019

After de-stemming bleeding proceeds to low temperature . After some brief contact with the skins wort gravity without mediating any mechanical dewatering system separates. The flower must be introduced into the tanks for isothermal static racking at a temperature not exceeding 10 º C. Once the perfectly clean must , alcoholic fermentation is started by a 18-day period between 12 º C and 14 º C.

There has

Tasting Notes
Pale salmon with copper flashing . Delicate aromatically with notes of red berries and white stone fruit . The palate is sweet to some extent. Fruity finish with fine citrus notes that invite repeated.

5,885 bottles of 75 cl. , 612 Magnum 150 cl. Methuselah and 12 6 L

alcohol content
14 %

Produccióon area

Serving temperature
Between 6 º C and 7 º C

Note pairing
Snacks and soft starters ( carpaccio of fish).

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