Petjades 2016 Galmes i Ribot

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Wine from Spain 

Wine made with organically grown experimental variety.

It began with the idea of experimenting and testing the varieties predominant in Mallorca before the arrival of phylloxera, finding out which ones are best suited to the climate and soils of our estates.
A number of bottles remain in the cellar as examples and we only present the ones we find that define the reflection of our work: our particular imprint on the wine-making of the island.

Harvesting is carried out by hand. Because of this, we select the grapes as they come into the winery and carry out very low temperature maceration and fermentation for 15 days. Once the grapes have been pressed, we carry out the second, malolactic fermentation in 3-year-old wooden barrels, where the wine remains until it is time to transfer it. Before it is bottled, it is lightly filtered.

Medium-intensity ruby red.
Good, fruity aromatic intensity (blackcurrant, blueberry).
In the mouth it is pleasant, direct and honest. Its passage is fresh, with contained tannin concentration. There is a medium aftertaste with fruity notes.

Serving temperature:
At around 16ºC.

Light dishes (salads and soft cheeses).

It is in good drinking condition during the first three years from the bottling date.

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