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Rosat 2019 Vinya Taujana

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ROSAT 2019 Vinya Taujana

Appellation: Binissalem (Mallorca)
Type of wine: Young Pink
Grape variety;
70% Manto negro Y SYRAH
Alcohol: 13.5%
Type of Aging: Twelve months and twelve months in barrel bottle.
Preparation: Due to the dry and hot summer
2016 was harvested by hand in early September
of that year. Pick early in the morning,
marinate 24 hours in cold, later
performing a racking. It then waits for
the temperature reaches 15 ° to add yeast and
continuing fermentation controlled to 24 °.
Measuring the density and temperature daily
ensuring adequate fermentation.

Tasting notes: Dark pink color, clean, highlighting its fruity nose hints of ripe fruit; strawberry and peach. The palate is pleasant, with volume because the ripe fruit and alcohol, balanced acidity, leaving a good finish.

Combined with mild dishes, including fish.

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