10 gr Seeds Aji Escabeche, Aji amarillo (Capsicum baccatum)

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10 gr Seeds Aji Escabeche, Aji amarillo (Capsicum baccatum)

Quantity  10gr approx.1100 Seeds

Germination approx. 14-21 Days at 22ºC

Aji Escabeche, Aji amarillo seeds (Capsicum baccatum)
syn: orange Jalapenos

A great chilli variety with large  orange fruits (up to about 15cm) and a pleasant sharpness.

The fruits ripen from green to orange. They are appropiate, due to the size and fruity taste, for stuffed chilli.

In Peru, however, these are also used as dried or pickled and are the main ingredient of many sauces and recipes.

A very simple recipe - Fill chilli with cheese (I love Gorgonzola...) wrap with bacon and put some olive oil in the oven.

This chili has not so much in common with the real jalapenos, which belong to Capsicum annuum, except for a similar sharpness.

Sharpness: 5 (1-10)

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