Finca Duenas Arbequino de Envero


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VARIETY. Oleum Duernas Arbequino Ecological veraison.

PRODUCER. Finca Duenas, Cordoba.


It is a limited edition veraison oil represents the moment of greatest beauty and richness of the olive grove.

They are early olives harvested by hand, stained tree colors between green, yellow, cherry red tones to almost purple when the fruit has better quality oil.


? We can easily appreciate the fruitiness of olive and other fruit, highlighting the fruity notes of apple, almond, banana and light herbal touches of herbs and artichoke?

The SIQEV seal (International Seal of Superior Quality Extra Virgin) is awarded by QvExtra! in recognition of excellence, best practices in the whole process of extra virgin olive oil. This numbered seal guarantees that the package contains the highest level of quality extra virgin olive oil.

VOLUME. 500 ml

FORMATO.Botella (Limited Edition), Green pistachio limiting contact with light oil for better conservation.

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