Oil Picual Biodinamico Siglo XXI.


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VARIETY. PICUAL biodynamic extra virgin olive oil



Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% Picual.


Herbaceous notes of grass and different vegetables prevail in this cool expressive oil live. Olive leaf, lettuce and artichokes are listed first notes; then comes the fresh fruit, the tomato and a touch of green banana and apple. The bitterness and itching appear well integrated with a binding element that refers to the artichoke, thistle and khaki. Persistent in the mouth.


Canena Castle takes its name from the family castle stands on the mound in the municipality of Canena (Jaen). The company has a scrupulous respect for the environment is materialized with photovoltaic power plants, ground cover throughout the operation to reduce soil erosion and preserves native herbaceous vegetation and the use of pruning in biomass ecologically clean fuel.

In addition, this AOVE has to Demeter Biodynamic certification of biodynamic agriculture. To have the Demeter certification, among other actions, Castillo de Canena we have built sheep exploitation, produces its own fertilizers through composting, has rich vegetation cover through the installation of beehives, use prepared leaf silica (ground quartz) in place of copper and applies different biodynamic preparations.

Biodynamic Agriculture is a step forward from the organic farming method that is based on harmonization between the various forces that govern nature: seasons, atmospheric phenomena, lunar cycles, position of constellations in the cosmos, seeking a comprehensive balance soil, trees, animals and Man.


Especially for salad dressings, tomato soup, gazpacho, ham and cheese, as well as grilled meats. It has a high content of polyphenols (760 ppm, of which 436 are biophenols). High percentage of ANTIOXIDANT

VOLUME. Net content: 500ml.

FORMAT. Opaque glass textured earth.

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