The cells are laminated with two layers of EVA (ethyl vinyl
acetate) and one with tedlar, which acts as an electrical
insulator. It uses a 3’2 mm high transmission, low-iron
tempered glass.
35 mm matte anodised aluminium profile with the option
of constructing in 45 mm. We also provide the option of
black aluminium modules.
This panel is specifically designed to be compatible for
both grid-connected and off-grid systems.
The modules are manufactured to resist extreme
conditions, both environmental and operational.
Antifreeze solutions are applied to the module to prevent
damage to profiles, as well as anchoring systems that
offer the same high reliability.
Técnicas Aplicadas en Baterías S. L.
In addition to producing quality and high-efficiency
photovoltaic modules, we provide complete technical
advice to our customers.
• Manufactured in europe.
• Warranty 90% production for 10 years.
• Warranty of production for 25 years 80%.
• Product warranty against manufacturing defects for
5 years.
• Designed module IEC-61215 and certificate
EN 61215: 2005 Design qualification and type approval
EN 61730: 2007 Safety (Class A)