El precio, no incluye ni el IVA ni la entrega

  • 5MP This new NVR is the 4th generation NVR in our succesful NVR series.
  • This NVR is 16 channel offering 480fps and a throughput of 144Mbps comprissing of 96Mbps incoming, 48Mbps outward (increased from 48Mbps on previous models).
  • Recording resoltions of 480P, 1080P,3MP & 5MP.
  • Finished in high gloss black with no front panel controls.
  • The NVR3216 offers 480 frames per second across 16 channels, a throughput of 144Mbps (96Mbps incoming, 48Mbps outgoing) with an internal storage capacity of up to 2 Hard Drives providing up to 16TB.
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