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Fine reading of a french newspaper and comprehension of text, in pdf on software.
Newspaper Les Nouvelles de Cat's Family

A printable interactive pdf diary, designed to practice fine reading and comprehension with:
- Original articles (fictitious news, sporting news, short news, classifieds...) in pages paires
- various questions about articles on impairesbr pages
- Arial writing from 16 to 20 to make it easier to read those who cannot read the small characters
Flip through a few pages of the Reader manual, Full Screen.
- answer questions on the corrector's manual
Flip through a few pages of the Corrector manual, Full Screen.

2 manuals are available on the software:
- the reader’s manual with journal articles and questions
- corrector’s manual with journal articles, questions and answers
These books are intended for children from 9 years of age, students, and adults.
These manuals are photocopiable.


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