Download game - Bingo of the words - Levels 1 and 2

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The game is to be printed at home. License of family printing or for a single establishment.
The pdf file to download contains 12 pages, for 6 sheets with both sides.

Play the bingo of animals and be the first to complete your board with words.

It contains: 12 bingo boards and 220 Word cards.

Each player chooses their board and puts it in front of them. Unselected boards are set aside, as are associated word cards. Useful Words cards are placed face down and then mixed.

Then one of the players returns a card and reads the word. The player with the word on his board announces it and puts the card on his board. He wins that card if he’s not mistaken. If no one has that word or finds that word, he’s put aside. And we return a new card...

3 variants: line or column, the animals, the complete boar.

To see the visuals or learn more about the rules of the game.

Author: François Petit

Illustrations: Irène Mark Gilo

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