The round of emotions

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The Ronde des émotions / Round of emotions is a card game based on the recognition of the emotions, from 5 years old.
It’s about recognizing, mimicking, or feeling the main emotions.

7 emotions are proposed: anger, joy, fear and sadness are the top 4, discovered in kindergarten.
Shame, surprise and tenderness will be added from 6 years. The game features 10 characters of all ages and all countries, each with 7 emotions.

10 rules of the game are proposed. The number of players varies from 2 to 6 according to the rules.

More informations on the game.

Author: François Petit
Illustrations: Ronnel Pascua
Advice: Valérie Fresnais, psychotherapist and art-therapist.
The game highlights 3 intelligences among the 7 proposed by the theorist Gardner: musical, intra-personal and inter-personal.

The game contains 110 cards: 70 Emotion cards, 14 Word/Correction cards, 20 Situation cards, 5 Action cards, 1 Other card..

10 rules of the game are proposed:
- TriCats: find the 10 cards with the same emotion.
- Misty: discard your cards by making pairs.
- Families: Making the most of families Emotion.
- MémoCats: find as many pairs of cards as possible.
- UnoCats: discard your cards by putting either the same emotion as the previous card, or the same character.
- Kem’s: gather 4 identical Emotion cards and then express emotion and secret sign to partner.
- Challenges: Winning as many Emotion cards as possible by typing on the right emotion on the table by watching or listening to a player.
- IdentiCats: give all your cards to your opponents by typing on a central card, when you return the same emotion as another player.
- Situation: express (and explain) the emotion one feels based on a given situation.
- Improvisation: you pick up an Emotion card and propose a situation that happened to you with this emotion.


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