Bog Arum - Calla Palustris Marginal Pond Plant

Bog Arum - Calla Palustris Marginal Pond Plant

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The Bog Arum - Calla Palustris Marginal Pond Plant's  flowers are very inconspicuous: small, greenish and lacking tepals. The Flowers of the Bog Arum develop into spikes of bright scarlet berries. The flower’s fragrance is quite weak and unpleasant to humans, but it attracts an abundance of wetland flies, beetles, thysanopterans and even molluscs such as snails. It is often sold as a British native plant, perhaps because it has been planted in some natural ponds and meres around Britain, but in fact it is native to mainland Europe, North America and Asia, but not Britain. Also known as: Wild Calla, Marsh Calla, Water Arum, Water-arum, Water-dragon.


At a glance

Name: Bog Arum Marginal Pond Plant (Calla Palustris)

Family:  Araceae

Flower Colour: Green / Scarlet

Height: 10 – 25cm

Planting depth: 0 - 10cm

Light requirements: med / full Sun

Bloom time: Early summer to Autumn 


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