American Water Plantain Marginal

American Water Plantain Marginal

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The American Water Plantain Marginal Pond Plant (Alisma Parviflora) is a tall, spindly,  aquatic with small white flowers. With this typical emergent aquatic, the lower part of the American Water Plantain is often submerged, while the upper part of the plant is exposed. The Alisma Parviflora has spoon-shaped leaves. The bulb-like base of several species of Alisma were dried and eaten by Native Americans.


At a glance

Name: American Water Plantain Marginal Pond Plant (Alisma Parviflora)

Family:  Alismataceae

Flower Colour: White/Pink

Height: 60 – 90cm

Planting depth: 5 - 15cm

Light requirements: med / full Sun

Bloom time: Early Summer to early Autumn


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