American Water Plantain Marginal

American Water Plantain Marginal

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American Water Plantain Marginal Pond Plant (Alisma Parviflora) -

  • tall, spindly,  aquatic with small white flowers
  • the lower part of the American Water Plantain is often submerged
  • the upper part of the plant is exposed
  • has spoon-shaped leaves
  • the bulb-like base of several species of Alisma were dried and eaten by Native Americans


At a glance

Name: American Water Plantain Marginal Pond Plant (Alisma Parviflora)

Family:  Alismataceae

Flower Colour: White/Pink

Height: 60 – 90cm

Planting depth: 5 - 15cm

Light requirements: med / full Sun

Bloom time: Early Summer to early Autumn


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