Yellow Flag - Iris Pseudacorus marginal

Yellow Flag - Iris Pseudacorus marginal

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Yellow Flag - Iris Pseudacorus marginal pond plant -

  • native plant
  • rampant, broad, sword like foliage 
  • reaches up to 100cm in height 
  • Yellow Flag has rich, golden yellow flowers
  • is NOT suitable for small ponds due to its size
  • the recommended planting depth for Iris Pseudacorus is 0-30cms

Also known as yellow iris, daggers, flagon, Jacob's sword, water flag, water skegs, yellow flag, yellow fleur-de-lis

At a glance

Name: Yellow Flag - Iris Pseudacorus marginal pond plant

Family:  Iridaceae

Flower Colour: Yellow

Height: 70 – 100cm

Planting depth: 0 - 30cm

Light requirements: partial / full Sun

Bloom time: Spring to summer 


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