Acorus Calamus Variegatus marginal

Acorus Calamus Variegatus marginal

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The Acorus Calamus Variegatus Marginal pond plant (Variegated Sweet flag) is a deciduous, aquatic perennial that grows to 90 - 180cm in height. Has bright green aromatic leaves with creamy yellow, longitudinal stripes. Plants thrive in wet, boggy soils and are commonly grown today as foliage accents in water gardens and pond margins.

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Name: Acorus Calamus Variegatus Marginal pond plant (Variegated sweet flag)

Type: Acoraceae  - Marginal pond plant

Colour: green / yellow

Leaf size: 15– 25cm

Planting depth: under 22cm

Light requirements: full Sun

Bloom time: Early to late Summer


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