Acorus Calamus - Sweet Flag marginal

Acorus Calamus - Sweet Flag marginal

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Acorus Calamus Marginal pond plant - is a

  • UK native perennial 
  • grows to 30 - 60cm in height
  • green iris - like foliage
  • aromatic when crushed
  • once used on the floors of churches
  • has also been used as a thatching material for English cottages
  • the flowers of the Acorus Calamus Marginal pond plant are conical green spadix 5-8cm long


Other names it is known by: beewort, bitter pepper root, calamus root, flag root, gladdon, myrtle flag, myrtle grass, myrtle root, myrtle sedge, pine root, rat root, sea sedge, sweet cane, sweet cinnamon, sweet grass, sweet myrtle, sweet root, sweet rush, sweet sedge and listed by John Gerard in 1597 as 'bastard calamus'. In spite of common names that include the words 'rush' and 'sedge', it is neither a rush nor sedge.

At a glance

Name: Acorus Calamus

Type:  Marginal - Acoraceae  

Colour: green

Height: 30– 60cm

Flower height: 5 - 8cm

Planting depth: 10 – 15cm

Light requirements: Partial - full Sun

Bloom time: Spring to end Summer



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