Nymphaea Brackleyi Rosea water lily

Nymphaea Brackleyi Rosea water lily

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The Nymphaea Brackleyi Rosea water lily pond plant has flowers with shell-pink petals darker pink sepals with a single prominent veins. Its leaves grow to 18 - 25cm which are green, mottled purple with brownish undersides. This Brackleyi Rosea is good for a pool large enough to accomodate a 30cm per year growth.  These plants have adapted to living in a total water environment. The leaves of the Brackleyi Rosea  are individually supported on leaf stalks called petioles. Water Lily blossoms vary greatly in color and size. They thrive in neutral/alkaline water with full sun. Planting should be done in water not colder than 75 degrees F. If the water is too cool the plant will enter a dormant state.

At a glance

Name: Nymphaea Brackleyi Rosea

Type: Water lily - Nymphaea

Colour: pink

Leaf size: 18 – 22cm

Flower width: 12 - 15cm

Total spread: 120 – 150 cm

Planting depth: 30 – 60cm

Light requirements: Partial - full Sun

Bloom time: Spring / Summer


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