Water Hyacinth - Eichornia Crassipes floating pond plant

Water Hyacinth - Eichornia Crassipes floating pond plant

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Water Hyacinth - Eichornia Crassipes floating pond plant  is well known for its lavender-blue flowers in July and August.  Eichornia Crassipes has bulbous foliage with lush glossy leaves which are spongy and inflated at the base which makes them bouyant in water.  The Water Hyacinth reaches about 12 inches high with a running spread and makes great container plants, just pop them into any pot that will hold water, put in some fertilizer and be rewarded with lots of flowers for the summer.  They are excellent for filtration as their roots draw nutrients out of the water that would otherwise promote algae blooms.  In very clean, well tended ponds, Eichornia Crassipes can suffer with lack of adequate nutrition, if so fertilize them in a bucket of pond water as with other floating plants.  Water Hyacinths can also grow in a container with soil provided there is a bit of water over the crown, the plants will thrive in these conditions.  Protect from frost.  They are not usually available until mid/end May depending on the weather.


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