Wet Water Sticky Stuff

Wet Water Sticky Stuff

£22.00 / unit(s)


Wet Water Sticky Stuff polyether sealant - 

  • Wet Water Sticky Stuff (WWST), is not a silicon or a mastic
  • one part, high modulus black polyether sealant
  • designed for its strength, adherence and elasticity in fixing leaks, tears or rips in garden pond liners
  • is abrasion resistant, has high strength bonding qualities
  • permanently flexible characteristic
  • UV tolerant
  • environmentally friendly and can be used in water


It can be used for almost anything that needs a permanent, waterproof, anti shake, non-shrinking bond, seal or gasket. It will bond liner to rock or stone to help make a leakproof waterfall or stream. It will also bond steel, glass, wood, plastic to itself or most other materials. WWST is Non-hazardous, Non-flammable and is resistant to petrol, white sprit, mineral oils, dilute acids and alkalis also paraffin. WWST comes in a 290ml cartridge.

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